Move of the month.

What is your biggest fear? Letting people down. Which company do you most admire? Virgin. For its industry standing, diversity, quality, Corporate ID (and its bank balance). What is your greatest professional achievement? Being where I am today and people still being surprised by my age. What is your greatest professional regret? Not doing my PhD. Which phrase or saying do you overuse? “Well actually …” What was your last cultural experience ? A concert by the Brenda Rattray Singers inside the Archipelago. What is the next ‘hot issue’ in consultancy? Communication – utilising technology to deliver a seemless service to clients. Which organisation would you like to turn around? WS Atkins – putting the life and heart back into an organisation that has had massive growing pains. Which two words turn your stomach? ‘Cannot do’. What would you like to be doing in ten years? A senior role in a major consultant; thumbing through my new book; enjoying life without regrets. ?:

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