Taking Stock – Not another one hit wonder.

Sad news for the sing-along crowd at Salisbury Square. It seems that the KPMG ditty ‘Strong as can be’, otherwise known as its corporate anthem, has been knocked off the top spot by the consultants at William Hague’s alma mater, McKinsey.

Apparently, the ‘uplifting calypso’ from McKinsey’s research group in Madras has claimed the number one slot at www.corporateanthems.raettig.org.

A spokesperson at KPMG didn’t sound too disappointed, saying: ‘All good things must come to an end.’

Talking of McKinsey and corporate ballads, at its user conference in Denver, JD Edwards made much of the work the consultants had been carrying out for it.

But while officials talked of business processes, TS suspects it had neglected to mention that McKinsey (no mean corporate popster itself, as we now know) seems also to have recommended the company celebrate its successes in song.

Having booked country and western star Lyle Lovett to entertain delegates, it was strange to witness a brazen attempt to upstage him.

‘Focus on collaboration,’ wailed the speakers, ‘it’s a new generation.’ Through a tortuous three minutes of power-ballad, we were also informed: ‘Inspiration is the key. And communication will set us free.’

And it didn’t end there. Oh no. ‘We’ve got the power in our grasp,’ the ‘song’ droned on, ‘to generate, communicate and complete the task.’

Why oh why do people think this sort of thing is a good idea?

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