TakingStock – R3 terror over ‘i’ word.

Fear can drive people to do strange things. For example, TS notes the word ‘insolvency’ has been replaced with the PC phrase ‘business recovery’ in order to look positive.

In fact, not so long ago the Society of Practitioners of Insolvency changed its name to R3, the Association of Business Recovery Professionals.

So thorough has the eradication of the word ‘insolvency’ been, TS supposes its power as a portent of doom, among practitioners, has attained mythical status.

This was proved at R3’s annual dinner at the Guildhall. TS, though not invited, learned that the tables were laid out alphabetically but there was no table ‘I’ for insolvency on the list.

R3 says it was because ‘I’s look like the number one, or is it just a paranoid’s attention to detail?

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