Letters – Closures are positive.

As an employee of PricewaterhouseCoopers working in the East Midlands I was dismayed and annoyed at the tone of your reporting of our proposed move to a new East Midlands super office next year (PwC shuts regional offices, page 3, 4 October). In keeping with the majority of your negative spin towards PwC and the Big Five in general you chose to highlight a piece of extremely positive news as negative.

The facts are that the new East Midlands office will be the first new office opened by PwC since the merger and represents a significant investment into the East Midlands region at a time when many of our competitors are moving to Birmingham.

This investment shows the confidence that PwC has both in the East Midlands economy but also in the high quality staff that it employs in the East Midlands at present. In a region that has for far too long suffered as a result of the decline in traditional industries this news is a great boost to those of us who live and work in the East Midlands. Please note these are my personal views and not an ‘official’ PwC line.

Richard Farnsworth, Nottingham.

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