Always room for good employees

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There is no question that the job market has had a tough few months, predominantly due to many organisations cutting recruitment spend as a result of economic uncertainty.

Cuts have been further compounded by the fact that many employees choose to sit tight, rather than change to a new firm where they will face a degree of job insecurity.

But times are changing, and while it is true that finding a new job has become harder, prospective job hunters should not let recent history deter them from finding a new position. The recruitment market had a good start in 2004 and with a positive economic outlook, industry bodies are predicting a growth in recruitment of between 5% and 10%.

There are a number of factors that help instigate growth in recruitment.

Primarily, jobs are generated when employers start to feel positive about the economy and have the confidence to create new roles to either meet demand or pre-empt and prepare for demand.

But jobs are also created when employees have enough confidence in the economy to risk change.

It is the latter that we are seeing more of, and that is creating immediate opportunities.

The financial recruitment market is not excluded from the positive outlook, and as the profession continues to rebuild its reputation tarred by the scandals of 2001/02, businesses are beginning to re-invest confidence into accountants.

And, as the profession continues to evolve, accountants are becoming an increasingly indispensable part of business and therefore finding they can apply for more opportunities.

There is reason to be positive – but prospective job seekers should be aware that firms are still treading carefully. But even then, the most cautious among us will tell you there is always a job for a good candidate.

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