Tory party does care

Yes, it believes in lower taxes (which should contribute towards the common good), but it also seeks to improve public services and reduce the bureaucracy which is driving many teachers, doctors and policemen to despair.

Unlike the Labour party, it does not believe that simply throwing more money at a problem will solve it. As accountants, we must recognise the beneficial effect that proper organisation and accountability can have in ensuring resources are not wasted.

If Graham reads the Conservative manifesto, he will find that ‘the common good’ features highly. Margaret Thatcher’s phrase, ‘there is no such thing as society …’ has unfortunately been frequently quoted out of context; she never meant it to be an excuse not to care about other people.

Greater wealth brings with it greater responsibility to use it wisely.

There are many Christians in the Conservative party; we would not be there if Graham’s view were true.

Alison Dale FCA, Leicester.

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