Haslers probe George Galloway’s insolvent company over £100K tax debt

FIREBRAND politician George Galloway’s company Miranda Media has gone into compulsory liquidation with tax debts of £100,000.

The London mayoral hopeful who founded the company in 2007, used the firm to process his earnings from London-based Iranian state TV channel, Press TV.

Nick Nicholson, head of insolvency at Haslers, the Loughton-based accountancy outfit, who specialises in the identification and recovery of assets into insolvent estates, said his firm had spent around £25,000 investigating the matter.

He confirmed a report in the Telegraph that Miranda Media had entered into compulsory liquidation owing £100,284.76 to HMRC and had taken the company to court over the matter.

Documents filed at Companies House reveal that in May 2013, Galloway resigned as Miranda’s director.

The four-times married Scotsman, dubbed “Gorgeous George”, has briefed lawyers to negotiatiate with the liquidators.

Galloway, who in 2005 – on a Respect Party ticket – defeated Oona King, the incumbent Labour MP for Bethnal Green and Bow – by just 823 votes, disputes the £100,000 figure, suggesting the amount is nearer £40,000.


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