TaxAssist confirms Australia expansion

TAX ADVISORY FRANCHISE TaxAssist Accountants has confirmed its first foray into the Australian market.

The firm currently sits at 24th in Accountancy Age‘s Top 50+50 supported by Wolters Kluwer, with a fee income of £29.7m across 249 offices and 187 partners.

The group confirmed its entry into the Australian market in a YouTube video (below), reiterating its focus on small businesses, sole traders and freelancers.


At present, its Australian practice, led by Terry Murphy, constitutes five branches across Queensland and New South Wales, which have converted from their original guises to TaxAssist.

Speaking to Accountancy Age, TaxAssist’s senior manager of international development David Paulson said the group has further expansion in its sights.

He said: “We’re in negotiations with another party in South Australia and Victoria, we still have some work to do with CPA in Canada with a view to re-launching the franchise in Canada. We’re also working with our master franchisees in Ireland on a joint venture to recruit master franchisees in Scandinavia.”

Paulson also confirmed plans to enter the US market “at some point next year”.

“We’re doing this on the back of a very successful UK network which is continuing to grow, well-resourced and with strong stability to be able to support the international growth,” he said. “We’ve got very strong coverage, but we still have a long way to go in terms of franchisee recruitment and we’re still looking for another 200 offices over a period to grow the UK network further. We’re certainly very confident of the UK market and if we weren’t we couldn’t consider making international moves.”

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