PwC launches scheme to tempt professional women back into work

PwC is hoping to attract parents back into the working world with the launch of its three month ‘Back to Business’ programme.

While specifically tailored to encourage women back into the workplace after an extended career break, the Big Four firm says it is open to all.

The Back to Business programme aims to ease the transition back to employment and offer the chance for people to get involved with client-facing work based on expertise, interests and skills, and the opportunity to explore the range of careers offered at PwC with a view to potentially returning to a more permanent role.

The initiative is part of PwC’s wider efforts to improve diversity and ensure a pipeline of future women leaders.

Gaenor Bagley, head of people at PwC, said: “Our ‘Project 28-40′ research into women and the workplace shows that many women on career breaks would like to return to work but are pessimistic about their prospects of progressing and often feel isolated. We are looking to tackle those beliefs head on and help women feel confident as they resume their careers, with support at every step of the way.

“Many women who have had time out of the workplace to raise a family may feel that they are being overlooked by recruiters due to the gap in their CV. Our programme is designed to address people’s experience gap and provide another route to get talented people back into the workplace.”


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