IFRS expert Teixeira joins Deloitte

DELOITTE has appointed Alan Teixeira as global director of IFRS research.

Teixeira, a leading technical expert in developing global accounting standards, will lead a new Deloitte research initiative to help the firm better understand IFRSs, their development and implementation by companies worldwide.

He joins Deloitte with over ten years’ experience with the IASB, most recently as its senior technical director overseeing the standard setters’ research and development programme. Prior to his role at the IASB, he was the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants’ general manager of standards and quality assurance, responsible for exposing and endorsing IFRS when it was first brought to New Zealand.

“Having been at the centre of standard setting for many years, I know how incredibly difficult it is to develop global standards, given different cultures, regulations and environments. IFRS is embedded across a significant number of countries, so any accounting change can potentially have a huge effect on so many people and organisations throughout the world,” Teixeira said.

Stephen Griggs, Deloitte UK’s managing partner for audit, said: “The IASB recognises there needs to be a shift in how they set standards, and more time is being spent on researching and trying to understand financial reporting problems. Any view that Deloitte has on IFRSs could have global implications, so it’s important we are arming our people with the best insights when advising our clients.”

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