Haddrill appointed new chair of global RICS Regulatory Board

FRC chief executive Stephen Haddrill has been appointed the new independent chair of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors’ (RICS) global regulatory board.

Haddrill will formally take up the post on 1 September when the current chair, Eve Salomon, steps down after six years in the role.

The RICS regulatory board oversees the regulatory framework for more than 120,000 chartered surveyors, globally.

“I’m delighted to take up this role and bring my experience in the regulation of financial reporting to help ensure the practice, professionalism and quality of RICS’ members are recognised worldwide. Justifiable trust, achieved through strong proportionate regulation and governance, in the service provided by chartered surveyors is essential to deliver continued confidence to the users of these services and for the efficient operation of global real estate markets,” said Haddrill.


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