UKIP promises £18bn tax cuts as it launches manifesto

NIGEL FARAGE launched UKIP’s manifesto with the promise of a “low tax revolution”and £18bn of tax cuts.

Among the pledges were promises to keep workers on the minimum wage out of tax, raise the 40p tax rate threshold to £55,000, introduce a new 30p tax band and to scrap inheritance tax.

Farage (pictured) claimed the moves are “fully-costed”, but the Conservatives claimed there is a £37bn black hole in the plans.

“UKIP has a plan, we genuinely want to make working people better off. And we will do that by leading the charge and making the argument for a low tax revolution,” he said.

“We genuinely want to make work pay and for people to have incentives to do better. And we believe that will unleash a kind of economic dynamism that has not been seen in this country in a long time. What I am proposing is a big tax giveaway of £18bn.”

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