Labour promises low taxes as it seeks pro-business image

LABOUR has promised to keep corporate taxes “competitive” should it win the general election, as the party seeks to shed its anti-business image.

Part of an industrial policy aimed at companies of all sizes and lower-paid workers, cuts to business rates would be made rather than the upcoming corporation tax cut.

Despite that, Ed Miliband (pictured) has promised to match the Conservative policy of keeping the UK the most competitive among the G7 economies, City AM.

“Here is our plan: a modern industrial strategy for Britain’s businesses and Britain’s working families to succeed together; a plan for every sector, every firm, everybody raising productivity, make bigger profits and create the inclusive prosperity for a new era,” Miliband will say in a speech at Jaguar Land Rover in Birmingham.

Meanwhile, union Unite has removed references to “tax efficiency” from the financial advice service it offers to its members.

Unite, which is a significant Labour donor, had offered the opportunity to “build up a nest-egg tax-efficiently”.

A Unite spokesman said: “Unite in no way provides information that would support the avoidance of full tax obligations and we are happy to make this clear on our website.”

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