Taking Stock: PwC Panto the Cat’s Whiskers

TAKING STOCK has been to some dozen or so of PwC’s pantos. The panto is an important part of the firm’s community programme in the UK, raising funds for charity and being played to 8,000 children from inner city schools and charities.

For TS, quite frankly, it was more of a jolly-up and a mid-week booze-fest. But TS is now older and wiser, and has its own kids to look after – the panto and its aims become more relevant.

So it was with great excitement that the London/cat-focused Dick Whittington was its choice of show this year. The thought of several hundred children singing along to ‘Let it Snow’, however, tempered some of that enthusiasm. But sadly [or fortunately: Ed],

Disney songs aren’t that easy to reproduce without some important bits of paper…

But we got to hear storming versions of ‘Shake it Off’ and ‘Happy’. TS may well have sung along to ‘Man in the Mirror’, but we won’t officially confirm that – we certainly hope no recording was made, that’s for sure.

Anyway, well done cast & company, fantastic stuff.

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