Online firm Crunch hails deal with Uber cab drivers

ONLINE ACCOUNTING FIRM Crunch will provide tax and accountancy services for drivers of mini-cab provider after striking a deal as part of the company’s perks programme ‘Momentum’.

The perks programme is designed to save Uber’s self-employed drivers around £900 per year, and includes Crunch in order for them to understand their accountancy and HMRC obligations.

The Brighton-based online- and telephone-only firm will provide drivers with their own personal accountants and account manager, dependent on package they select.

Crunch has grown rapidly since its launch in 2008, with its headcount over the last 12 months expected to have doubled by February, while it opened an in-house talent academy in May 2014.

Uber has attracted controversy, with traditional taxi providers suggesting the app with which customers hail their drivers acts, in effect, as a meter.

In August last year, Public Accounts Committee chairwoman Margaret Hodge suggested the business was “avoiding tax in London” by channelling payments through the Netherlands, where the app is operated. Uber said at the time it “complies with all applicable tax laws”.

Founder and CEO of Crunch Darren Fell (pictured) said: “Our focus on the self-employed has paid off with today’s announcement being a fantastic win for us. Our unique mix of accountancy software and specialist accountancy practice enabled us to create a unique Crunch solution for the Uber partner drivers in only two weeks. These self-employed drivers will help us grow our existing customer base of 6,000 plus.”

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