Bumper bonus expectations for accountants

ACCOUNTANTS are rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of receiving their biggest bonuses in four years, new research reveals.

The average bonus for 2014/15 is expected to be 19% – up from 17.5% in 2013/14 – a figure last achieved in 2010/11, according to the latest research from specialist recruiter Marks Sattin. This equates to a £12,691 cash injection.

Salary growth over the last four years means that a 19% bonus now equates to 22% more in monetary terms than in 2010/11, when it amounted to £10,438. Accountants are set to receive an extra £2,253 this year.

On average, the extra pay translates to a bonus of £12,691 during bonus season (Christmas 2014 to March 2015). The figure marks an extra £1,007 on the 2013/14 bonus. It is also 22 per cent higher in money terms than the 2010/2011 bonus of £10,438. The rising amount reflects the UK’s strong economic growth.

Dave Way, managing director of Marks Sattin, said: “Accountants clearly feel that their bonus prospects are good this year and are looking forward to a larger windfall that reflects the improving outlook for many businesses in the sector.

“There is a sense that activity and output are on the rise, and a clear expectation that bonuses will be carried with them. After bonuses dropped in 2011/12, the sense of malaise has been well and truly shaken off as the economy has turned a corner and brought a new optimism to the sector.”

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