CIoT and ATT overhauls HR and payroll system

THE CIoT and ATT have overhauled their HR and payroll function with Cascade, an independent subsidiary of Iris.

The software – comprising core HR, payroll, workflow and a self-service utility – is being implemented this quarter, before it goes live and is gradually rolled out from January 2015.

Licensed for up to 200 employees, the institute and association must accurately pay 74 permanent members of staff, plus biannual invigilators and employees of affiliated organisations for which payroll bureau support is provided.

Managers and employees will submit their own information, which the software will automatically feed on to line managers in order to avoid duplication and error.

CIoT/ATT’s HR manager Lesley Hinchliffe said: “We knew the time was right to invest in a user-friendly system that would improve our approach to HR and payroll, and heighten our ability to produce meaningful management reports.

“In 2015, we will be able to better analyse absences, measure the cost and frequency of joiners and leavers, and produce monetary-based projections for so many other facets of the organisations. We will also adopt electronic payslips, saving us time and money, and improving our environmental credentials.”

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