Accountancy Age July App out now

THIS MONTH’S Accountancy Age App includes our annual survey of the top 40 international accounting networks, alliances and associations. The rankings include a breakdown of fee income by business line and geographic mix, and there is an interview with Jean Stephens, CEO of RSM International.

The issue includes a practice interview with the managing partners of Chantrey Vellacott, and interviews with Hyperion Insurance FD Eric Fady and Michel Prada, chair of the IFRS Foundation.

Plus there’s the usual analysis and opinion; this month includes a look at the IASB’s project on lease accounting, why governments need to grasp the nettle on accrual accounting and comment from Wedlake Bell on where the line is drawn on breach of contract with regards to Deloitte and client Icebreaker Management Limited.

You can download the Accountancy Age App by clicking here, or alternatively visiting the iTunes App Store and search for Accountancy Age.

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