CIoT cross-border tax experts to join EC initiative

TAX BARRISTERS Jonathan Schwarz and Jeremy Woolf have been appointed CIoT representative and alternate for a new European Commission initiative.

They will join a group of experts who will  identify and address tax problems facing individuals who are active across borders within the EU and deliver best practice, the institute said.

The group will principally look at elements of direct taxation that may affect an individual’s cross-border activity in the single market. Personal income taxation and inheritance taxation will attract particular focus. The group is also expected to examine other taxes that affect the mobility of people, such as the taxation of vehicles and the taxation of e-commerce.

Set to work until the end of the year, the group will first meet on 9 September. The full membership has not yet been announced, but it is understood to be 20-strong and drawn from across the EU and the tax and academic arenas.

Jonathan Schwarz practices at Temple Tax Chambers, while Jeremy Woolf is at Pump Court Tax Chambers.

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