Haines Watts launches tax compliance website

A TAX COMPLIANCE WEBSITE has been launched by top 20 firm Haines Watts, aiming to provide specialist help and expertise to individuals and businesses.

A dedicated team, based throughout the UK, will be on hand to handle disputes with HMRC, provide resolutions and work with those facing a potential tax investigation.

The firm has 60 offices and more than 35,000 clients around the UK.

Director of Haines Watts’ Liverpool office, Des Veney, said: “As a company, we have always worked hard to defend our clients’ position and obtain settlements with the minimum possible penalty. Our main role is to shoulder the pressure and take over the responsibility of liaising with HM Revenue & Customs.

“We created this new website as we essentially want people to have instant access to the experts. We have a highly qualified and experienced team, including chartered tax advisors, tax accountants and ex-HMRC inspectors who have worked with businesses of all sizes. Their experience includes dealing with corporate tax, personal tax, offshore trusts, residence and domicile issues and voluntary disclosures.”

The site can be found at http://hwtaxcompliance.co.uk/.

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