HMRC staff commence strike

STAFF at HM Revenue & Customs have begun a one-day strike in protest against imposed quotas and new terms and conditions.

The Association of Revenue & Customs, the union representing senior managers and professionals at HMC, recently balloted members on taking action over a new performance management system demanding fixed quotas – meaning 10% of staff fall in the bottom rating regardless of their performance – and new terms and conditions resulting in those who are promoted receiving a poorer deal.

The ballot received turnout of 48%, with nearly 60% voting for strike action and 78% voting for action short of strike – such as work to rule.

ARC president Gareth Hills said at the time the strike was announced: “ARC members have been asked to strike not for money, but in pursuit of some basic principles: reducing bureaucracy so we can do our jobs, a fair performance appraisal, rewarding, not penalising, promotions; and a fair deal for professionals.

“Our members are not faceless bureaucrats, but real people striving every day to serve the government and the public. The work they do builds schools, hospitals, libraries and playgrounds. It’s work that funds the social fabric of the UK and delivers for the nation. They deserve a fair performance system, one which allows them to do their job free from the tangle of bureaucracy.”

HMRC said in a statement: “We are determined to improve our service delivery under the wider civil service reform package. Assessing the performance of staff through a fair and reasonable performance appraisal system is a key part of these reforms.

“We remain committed to resolving disputes through dialogue and customer services will not be affected by this industrial action by a small minority of our workforce.”

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