CIMA numbers clear 200,000

THERE ARE MORE than 200,000 people taking the CIMA qualification or qualified, with 33,500 new students joining the organisation in 2013.

The institute has seen record numbers of students in the UK, Malaysia, India, Russia and South Africa. Globally, 5,500 members were added in the year, with Chinese membership increasing by 40%. Some 218,000 people are now either qualified or taking the qualification.

Andrew Harding (pictured), managing director, CIMA, said: “I am delighted that we have continued to see strong growth in key and developing markets. This is further evidence that young people and employers across the world see CGMA as a vital designation for a successful career in business and finance.

“We are committed to helping people and businesses to succeed in a tough climate. It was particularly pleasing to see an increase in students in a number of emerging markets which will become future economic powerhouses.”

The 2013 Key Facts and Trends report by the Financial Reporting Council showed UK CIMA members numbered 72,053, from 60,870 five years earlier. Total membership is 91,744.

Following its joint venture with US institute AICPA, there are more than 130,000 people using the CGMA accounting designation between the two bodies.


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  • CLiff

    It is right that CIMA comment on ‘numbers’ because they continue to play a game. Where do those that are ‘qualified’ and those who are ‘not qualified’ become the same? Certainly one can assume that a ‘member’ will remain a ‘member’ but for students when will they, if ever qualify? At the conversion of some 5k per annum into members the number of current students equates to a 20 years conversion. No wonder CIMA talks about numbers, surely management accounting is better than that, doesn’t it rely of factual information?
    The AICPA reported on the 17Dec 2013 a number of 144000 CGMA’s ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,another number game.