Women accountants utilising social media more than men

WOMEN ARE more social media savvy than men, according to a survey by technology provider Wolters Kluwer.

The figures show that overall social media is used more among women than men in accountancy, with 85% of women using it compared with 72% of men – out of male female split in respondents of 59%/41%.

Overall 77% of accountants now use this type of technology, up 10% on the same period a year ago the ‘CCH Social Media Survey 2013‘ showed. A third claim to visit sites at least once a day with 27% several times, up on 20% in 2012.

Popularity in mobile devices is also increasing with two thirds accessing sites via their phone and 40% through a tablet, with that device’s usage trebling in two years.

LinkedIn is the most popular social media tool rated as the most important for professional use with 67% agreeing with this statement.

Twitter continues to grow a keen following with 43% using this site, however, just 18% use it is in a professional capacity, although, this is an increase on 37% that used it in 2012 and 16% of which for work purposes. Facebook however, continues to be the most popular social media site with 80% of respondents using it, but, just 12% admit this is in a professional capacity.

Commenting on the research findings, CCH software managing director, Simon Crompton (pictured), said: “Although a good deal of social media activity is still purely person to person, social media websites are increasingly being used to support commercial activity in both B2C and B2B markets. There is evidence that consumers perceive social media as a more trustworthy source of information than some traditional ways of marketing professional services.”

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