How’s your Winter wellbeing?

WINTER brings two very different kinds of stress for accountants, our experience at CABA shows.

The first is very much a result of external pressures. December tends to deliver heavy workloads at exactly the same time as your home life starts to demand much more attention. Trying to orchestrate the perfect end of year performance in the office at the same time as planning the perfect Christmas is extremely difficult and, understandably, some people have difficulty coping and find the situation excessively stressful.

The second is more about internal pressures. The New Year is traditionally the time when everyone, not just accountants, re-evaluates their lives to see if there is anything they would like to improve. Some people decide that radical action is needed and make a plan of how they are going to achieve this.

Both of these groups of people could benefit from CABA’s new winter campaign. “Your Winter Wellbeing” aims to help with some of these pressures, starting with the “CABA Countdown to Christmas” where useful tips, resources and videos will be made available each day in the run up to the festive holidays. As January arrives, the emphasis will shift to “New Year, New You,” focussing on longer term solutions to deeper rooted problems.

If you need help over the festive break or in the following months, remember that CABA are here for you and your family. You can access our online resources and support 24 hours a day by telephone and chat to an advisor online. Support is available for current and former ICAEW members, ICAEW students and their families.

• More details about “Your Winter Wellbeing” can be found at

Kath Haines is chief executive of CABA

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