Accountants expecting 18% bonus this Christmas

UK ACCOUNTANTS are expecting an 18% bonus this Christmas, according to specialist financial recruiter Marks Sattin.

The average expected bonus is up to £11,587 for the Christmas season, compared to £11,012 in 2012, a 15% increase.

Marks Sattin, which surveyed 656 accountants, found that the total bonus pot across the profession is estimated to be around £3.4bn for the season, compared to £3.1bn in 2012.

In another survey the recruiter found that the importance of financial incentives is becoming more prevalent for accountants, with 30% of those surveyed (2,016) claiming this as a key reason for leaving their last role in 2013 – compared with 28% in 2012.

This is now the second most common reason for changing jobs for accountants, according to the recruiter; overtaking “seeking a new challenge”. However, the most popular reason for leaving remains career development.

Dave Way (pictured), managing director Marks Sattin, said: “Remuneration is growing in importance for accounting professionals and managers should be aware of this when it comes to bonus season. However, the itch of a stagnant career is something no amount of money will scratch, so equally important is a focus on talent management and career progression.”  

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