Iris software update includes support for academies

SUPPORT FOR ACADEMIES preparing their final accounts is available in the latest version of Iris’s Accountancy Suite, launched this week.

Practitioners can produce final accounts for the UK’s burgeoning list of academies without needing to use any third party software, while Iris OpenAudit has recently been updated to cater for academies as well.

The update also includes improvements to ensure compliance with the latest legislation for UK GAAP and IFRS, as well as the business tax client accounts function.

AC Mole & Sons IT manager Richard Graham said: “The latest release looks really exciting with improved search functionality within the client browser. I’m particularly excited by the development in IRIS OpenSpace; it’s really bringing the cloud and desktop together. The ability to request approval of tax returns or sets of accounts directly from the IRIS Accountancy Suite as part of our day-to-day working will boost productivity considerably.”

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