HMRC IT services shutdown postponed

THE PLANNED DOWNTIME of IT services has been postponed by HM Revenue & Customs after discovering more work was required than planned.

Originally, work was scheduled for three days from Friday 11 October as the department looked to perform maintenance and upgrades on the site. The services were due to resume on Monday 14 October at 6am, but the shutdown will now occur at a later date.

But after running tests to establish what work was needed, the department found it would have missed its Monday deadline to return the system to working order.

An HMRC spokesman said: “Whenever we undertake maintenance work we run rigorous tests beforehand.

“These checks were completed last night and we discovered that there was a problem and that part of the upgrade wouldn’t have been complete by Monday morning as previously announced.

“This means that all our services will be running normally this weekend and we are working to choose a new date and approach that has the least impact on our customers.”

HMRC’s service availability page can be viewed here.

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