Taking Stock: PwC volunteers a drop in do-gooder stats

YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED that TS can be a somewhat cynical old hack. Sometimes.

PwC staff put in a whopping 45,386 hours of voluntary work, which sounds pretty impressive – it’s also some 45,386 more hours than TS has taken part in.

But…that figure is a 16.5% fall on the previous year, when they smashed 54,267 hours.

With revenues skipping up 3% to £2.7bn, has ‘the man’ heartlessly dragged PWCers away from tidying up parks and building kids’ playgrounds?

PwC thinks not. Head of community affairs David Adair says it has increased its ‘skills-based’ volunteering to 80% from 60%. “Although our overall volunteering hours are down, the quality and focus of our volunteering has increased dramatically. We are committed to giving people the sustainable and transferable skills that will make a lasting contribution to the community.

“Whilst other companies paint walls, we spend time training people in the skills that will allow them to help themselves. We develop business awareness, job readiness and confidence in the people we work with.”

He also points out that employees volunteer in their own time.

TS isn’t so sure about this though – is PwC cracking the whip to drive up its own numbers?. This picture sent to TS of PwC’s numbercrunching department suggests it could be so:


Only kidding…


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