Iris launches OpenPayroll for SMEs

IRIS has announced the launch of online payroll software for SMEs.

OpenPayroll allows businesses to run their payroll and make real-time information (RTI) submissions remotely at any time.

Under RTI, all businesses must now make PAYE and national insurance submissions to HMRC each time they pay staff, rather than an annual return. HMRC claims the reforms make it easier for businesses to pay the right amount, helping to make the systems more efficient and cheaper.

The program offers employee a ‘self-service’ feature, allowing employees to directly access the system and update their own details such as address and bank account numbers to maintain their records. Furthermore, employees can retrieve their own payslips without incurring further costs to the employer via a secure e-payslip solution.

CEO of IRIS SME division Mark Paraskeva said: “Payroll is an essential part of any business but for small companies or those just starting out it can be quite a daunting task. With recent legislative changes such as RTI and automatic enrolment, it is becoming increasingly complex each day. IRIS OpenPayroll has an intuitive step-by-step wizard, so you can run your first payroll without any training or support.

“The introduction of RTI this year was the biggest single change to payroll in 70 years and IRIS OpenPayroll was created specifically to handle RTI requirements. RTI submissions are sent automatically to HMRC, giving the user one less thing to worry about.”

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