Sage launches “Collaborate” for online accounting

A FREE UPDATE for accountants moving to online products has been launched by FTSE 100 IT business Sage.

The “Collaborate” update is for the exisiting online product by the company, Sage One. It is designed to allow accountants to send files securely via the internet, eliminating the need to use two programs to share information with clients. 

The software includes an automatic audit trail function, which allows accountants to see whether clients have viewed documents.

The update will be automatic and free for Sage One Accountants Edition customers and members of the Sage Accountants Club.

Head of the Sage Accountants Division Paul Tooth said: “Accountants were telling us one of their biggest frustrations is that they have no way of tracking their correspondence with clients.

“Increasingly businesses are wanting to see their accountant utilising the cloud [internet] and Sage is here to help accountants looking to make that transition. Collaborate will support accountants making those first steps online without having to radically overhaul the systems they are using already.”

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