Ex-HMRC chief Hartnett joins Deloitte as consultant

FORMER HM REVENUE & CUSTOMS tax secretary Dave Hartnett has taken a consultancy role at Deloitte, working one day a week helping developing nations improve their tax regimes.

Hartnett has been heavily criticised over so-called ‘sweetheart’ deals struck with multinationals, including investment bank Goldman Sachs, in which he agreed in 2010 to waive interest penalties of up to £20m on offshore bonuses paid to bank staff in order to settle a lengthy tax dispute.

Earlier this month, the High Court dismissed a legal challenge to the deal brought by anti-austerity activists UK Uncut, ruling that the settlement was “reasonable” and lawful.

David Cameron reportedly approved the appointment, provided Hartnett is “not involved in any work considering how UK taxation can be mitigated or avoided”.

A spokesperson for Deloitte said: “Dave Hartnett will work as a consultant to Deloitte advising foreign governments and tax administrations, primarily in the developing world. He has significant experience in advising such countries on the development of effective tax regimes necessary to ensure their continued economic growth. He will not work with UK companies or with HMRC.”

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