CABA reports surge in accountants seeking support

ACCOUNTING BENEVOLENT FUND CABA has reported a 70% rise in the number of accountants contacting it for support.

According to its annual impact report, more people than ever approached the Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association in 2012.

The majority of clients sought financial assistance (36%), though this was down on 2011, while those seeking employment support increased from 6% to 9%.

CABA also launched a range of new services designed to meet changing accountant needs including a 24 hour online live chat facility; a new online service for people with depression or anxiety issues and a service designed for accountants who want to get back into work after redundancy.

To date, 51% of the 57 people who have completed the course have since found work, CABA said.

Kath Haines, chief executive at CABA, said: “The services we offer are more relevant to the needs of accountants than ever before. We have also become much better at marketing our services so that accountants have become more aware of us and what we can do for them”.

“However, these are also especially difficult times for accountants, as they are for many people. There have certainly been increases in the number of people contacting us about recession-linked issues such as unemployment and the fact that they feel they are facing increasing pressure at work and are struggling to cope.”

CABA’s future plans include: developing a wellbeing and engagement strategy that will reach and support more accountants; increasing support for ICAEW members working overseas; and improving case management and the measurement of CABA’s intervention.

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