More than three quarters of accountants considering move abroad

MORE THAN three quarters of accountants would consider a move abroad for better quality of life according to a recent survey.

Specialist accountancy and recruitment business Marks Sattin survey 2, 016 accountants and found that 70% would consider a move abroad. Of those thinking of leaving the country their top five key drivers were better quality of life with 61% of the vote, followed by the experience of a different culture at 54%, career development with 52%, better employment opportunities with 49%, and financial motivation at 48%.

The most popular destinations were English speaking, the USA led the way with 45%, while 33% opted for Australia, 28% mainland Europe, 24% Canada and 23% Singapore.

China (8%), India (7%) and Malaysia (9%) also featured on the agenda for career moves, although not with the same vigour.

Managing director of Marks Sattin Dave Way (pictured) explains one reason for the itchy feet could be due to the lack of a gap year among accountants. Many went straight into training from education but are still keen to see the world.

“Despite the lucrative offers available for accountants overseas, money is way down the list of their top priorities for an international move,” Way said.

“Another reason is the skills and management boost working overseas can provide. Emerging financial centres like Singapore and Hong Kong, and even faster growing economies such as Brazil or India offer great prospects for rapid progression and gaining management experience.”

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