It’s your final chance to vote in our great EU Debate

IT’S YOUR FINAL CHANCE to vote and comment on what has been a strongly-argued, and detailed, debate on the UK’s relationship with the EU.

Our Debate, which proposes: ‘Leaving the EU would damage the UK Economy’, has already garnered hundreds of votes.

The main protagonists, UKIP’s Tim Congdon and Business for New Europe’s Phillip Souta, have made their final statements this morning, in defence of their positions.

Souta, supporting the Debate’s proposal, has argued that while Norway and Switzerland exist well outside the EU, it is more to do with their unique economic structures – which aren’t replicated in the UK. Souta has also pointed out that Switzerland’s bilateral agreements with the EU have taken decades to form.

Congdon argued that the UK’s membership of the World Trade Organisation is sufficient to keep trade open with the EU. He also flagged up the existential crisis that the EU seems to be going through: in that it is becoming increasingly unclear whether member states should be ruled by their national capitals, or by Brussels.

Voting closes today at 15.00. Click here to view the week’s debating, or to comment or vote.

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