Taking Stock: A Marta to the cause

TS HAS a bit of a soft spot for former EC accounting crusader Marta Andeasen.

Back in the day (i.e. the early Noughties) Marta was in the spotlight as the commission’s chief accounting officer – refusing to sign off its accounts, and then getting the elbow. Her whistleblowing exploits and general feistiness saw her a landslide victor in Accountancy Age’s 2003 Personality of the Year.

Marta has been back in the headlines in recent weeks. As a south-east region MEP she quit the UKIP Party, claiming its leader Nigel Farage of being anti-women and a Stalinist – denied vigorously by the party.

She has now joined the Tories, with Farage stating that the Conservatives “deserve what is coming to them” and that Andreasen is “impossible”.

The feistiness has not dimmed during the last decade, it would seem.

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