Beckham’s taxes to be scrutinised by French authorities

THE FRENCH TAX AUTHORITIES are to scrutinise the deal which saw David Beckham join super-rich Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain less than a month after his signing.

Beckham (pictured) signed a five month deal with the Qatari-owned club at the end of January which sees his wages paid directly to a children’s charity in the French capital.

Indeed, Beckham’s family has remained based in London, allowing both him and PSG – the richest club in the world – to pay smaller taxes on his image rights and other commercial activities outside of France.

PSG managing director Jean-Claude Blanc confirmed “formal discussions” were already taking place with France’s “fiscal administration”, the Daily Mail reports.

He added the club had “already received a lot of requests” for information regarding the former England captain’s salary, before confirming “the largest possible amount” would go to a children’s charity.

France’s socialist government is bringing in 75% top rate of income tax for the country’s wealthiest residents, with one MP, Gerald Darmanin, deriding Beckham’s charitable donations.

“He will be paid less than my parliamentary assistant! Be serious!” he said. “I’d rather receive 50% of a lot than 75% of nothing.”

The children’s charity is expected to receive some £700,000 as a result of Beckham’s deal, meaning the French tax authorities will not be entitled to a 1.5% levy on the ex-Manchester United player’s worldwide earnings – reportedly totalling some £200m, with a possible bill of £3m.

A spokesman for the French Treasury said it cannot discuss individual cases, but confirmed that all “high-worth” individuals working in France would be “scrutinised”, while a spokesman for Beckham said: “David has given any income he would have earned from PSG to charity. We have nothing to hide.”

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