Praxity alliance posts modest growth

GLOBAL ACCOUNTING ALLIANCE Praxity has reported a 3% increase in member revenues for 2012.

Fees for the alliance, which includes Mazars, rose to $3.72bn (£2.37bn), compared to $3.69bn a year earlier.

The number of Praxity participant firms fell to 62 from 69, following a series of mergers and acquisitions. However, partner numbers climbed to 2,768 across 95 countries, from 2,500 in 84.

The Latin America region grew 11%, while North America grew 5%.

Praxity chairman Rick Anderson said: “Although this is a modest increase, it is a strong and solid performance when you take into account the market conditions and exchange rate fluctuations.”

Other UK firms affiliated with Praxity included Forrester Boyd, Garbutt & Elliott, Jackson Andrews, PM&M Solutions for Business, Ritson Smith, Rouse Partners and Springfords.

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