KPMG sets up Tech City garrison

A TEAM DEDICATED to serving ‘Silicon Roundabout’ businesses will be set up by KPMG.

The cluster of technology businesses based around Old Street roundabout in Tech City will now have its first permanent Big Four service providers.

KPMG’s team will provide advice for early-stage tech companies. In particular, it will provide advice on overseas markets, bring start-ups together to share idea,; and provide drop-in ‘clinics’ and consultancy advice.

Tim Kay, KPMG’s technology start-up lead who will head the team in Shoreditch, said: “Our own research shows there is a massive global race underway to set up the next Silicon Valley, but more and more technology executives believe that when it comes to tech innovation, the centre of gravity is moving east.

“No one would argue with the fact that the UK is a creative hub which is reflected in our fashion, music and brilliant scientists, but, with a few notable exceptions, what we have been poor at in the tech sector is taking that creativity to a commercial model. In order to put the UK on the global map of ‘tech innovation hotspots’, we need to act now.”

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