HMRC advertising for GAAR advisory panel chair

HM REVENUE & CUSTOMS has posted an advert online for the role of chair of the general anti-abuse rule advisory panel.

The panel will be in place to give opinions to HMRC and taxpayers about the application of the GAAR to individual cases referred to it and to approve HMRC’s guidance on the GAAR.

The post, which is voluntary, will entail leading the work of the panel, advising commissioners on appointments to the panel, selecting panel members to consider individual cases, ensuring that the panel’s opinion is delivered to the parties, managing and delivering the panel’s approval of HMRC’s guidance to the commissioners, and delivering an annual report to the commissioners on the panel’s activity, including cases considered and its review of the guidance.

Whoever takes up the role will receive expenses, while time commitments will depend greatly on how many cases are considered.

For more information on the post, click here.

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