Taxman launches advertising campaign to smoke out dodgers

AN ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN designed to encourage voluntary tax settlements has been launched by HM Revenue & Customs.

Posters showing a huge pair of eyes peering through a ripped envelope will be rolled out nationwide in an attempt to warn tax cheats to declare all their income before they are investigated by the taxman.

They bear the strapline: “If you’ve declared all your income you have nothing to fear.”

The department has set up a website – – to help support those who want to pay the correct tax.

HMRC director-general for enforcement and compliance Jennie Granger said: “Our message to the small percentage who don’t [pay the correct tax] is a simple one: The net is closing in. We will detect you if you haven’t put a job through the books, if you haven’t declared investment income, if you’ve hidden assets offshore or if you haven’t even registered for VAT.”

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