International network makes UHY managing partner chairman

INTERNATIONAL NETWORK UHY International has voted to make the London arm’s managing partner its chairman.

Ladislav Hornan (pictured) was this month appointed as chairman for the second time during his career at the firm.

Hornan joined the firm in 1974 while studying for his ACCA qualification before he became a licensed insolvency practitioner. He was made partner in 1980 and managing partner in 1995, taking a board role at UHY International in 1996.

From January 2002 to October 2007, Hornan was the network’s chairman and was succeeded by John Wolfgang, the managing director of UHY Advisors NY Inc.

However, Hornan now succeeds Wolfgang who helped found the network more than 25 years ago.

Five-year terms have been reduced to three at UHY International following a change in the network’s constitution last year.

“We really want to focus further on member firms’ growth and expansion in their own markets with a view to gearing up to working cross-border,” said Hornan.

“Member firms’ growth alone may not suffice for UHY to grow significantly enough to establish itself higher up the rankings of international networks and so enable it to compete more effectively for international business. So we will need to look at other solutions, which may be considered if the right opportunities arise.”

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