Deloitte’s global revenues climb 8.6%

DELOITTE’S GLOBAL REVENUES climbed 8.6% to $31.3bn (£19.3bn), its highest revenue growth in four years.

Member firms saw the highest revenue growth since 2008, driven by “exceptional” results in Asia Pacific, the Americas and developing markets. The revenues, for the year ending 31 May 2012, climbed 8.3% in local currency.

All business service lines grew, with financial advisory and consulting experiencing double-digit growth – 15% and 13.5% revenue growth, respectively. Financial advisory saw cross-border and acquisitions work driving fees. Consulting saw a range of regulatory and market changes fuel need for advice – including IT services and finance and HR transformation.

Audit grew 6%, with risk services in particular proving popular. Tax and legal grew 4%.

Key industries included energy & resources (24% growth), life sciences and healthcare (13%), consumer business and transportation (11%), and financial services (10%).

“In a challenging economic environment, $1.4bn of Deloitte’s $2.5bn aggregate growth in the past year came from member firms in the three largest economies in the world,” said Deloitte Global CEO Barry Salzberg.

“I believe that is a testament to Deloitte’s ability to not only gain strength in high-growth strategic markets, but also continue to build momentum in established markets globally.”

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