Support service for unemployed accountants expands

ALL UNEMPLOYED chartered accountants can now receive help from the ICAEW members support charity.

The career coaching programme of the Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association (CABA) was previously means tested, but will now be offered to anyone currently unemployed or facing unemployment.

Natalie Worth, head of operations and finance at CABA, said: “In recent months, unemployment has become the second most common reason for chartered accountants to contact CABA and we have been learning more and more about the most effective solutions.

“What we have found is that providing support and training as quickly as possible – once a person becomes unemployed or is placed under threat of unemployment – has a much more beneficial effect than waiting, so it makes sense to remove any barriers to entry to using the career coaching programme such as personal funding.”

More than 60 accountants have entered career coaching since its launch earlier this year.

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