Access’ latest acquisition sees it dip toe into online market

ACCOUNTANCY SOFTWARE company Access’ latest acquisition will see the business move into the online or cloud market.

Access has acquired French-based online software company Prelytis, which marks the first of a series of moves by the company into the online software-as-a-service, or online, marketplace.

One of the key reasons for the acquisition is a real-time online dashboard, LiveDashBoard, provided by Prelytis. It will allow Access customers to see financial information in real time on any device, such as a laptop, smart phone, tablet or desktop.

Chris Bayne, Access CEO, said: “Valuable real-time information is the backbone of all business decisions, and while Access has always provided dashboards with our solutions, Prelytis LiveDashBoard takes our business intelligence to the next level.

“LiveDashBoard also lets you have instant messenger-style conversations about live data allowing users, and businesses, to collaborate in real time, no matter where they are.”

Last year, Bayne led a management buy-out of Access UK which managed to secure £50m credit from private equity company Lyceum Capital, to buy it from founder Alistair O’Reilly and other stakeholders.

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