KPMG could reduce headcount by 3%

UP TO 3% of KPMG UK roles are at risk, the firm has told its staff.

As part of a review across the entire business, KPMG said it envisages the total number of roles “at risk” equated to 3% of its workforce. The firm employs 11,299 staff.

“KPMG continues to grow its UK business in a subdued economy and fast-changing marketplace. However, we have taken a hard look at our operations to ensure that we stay best positioned to continue providing the best services to our clients as efficiently as possible,” the firm said in a statement.

“Part of this means actively managing our cost base. As a result, a number of business units within KPMG are now carrying out reviews of their structures and headcount numbers. It is likely that we will need to make a number of roles redundant over the coming weeks.

“Clearly, any redundancy situation is regrettable – and KPMG will make every effort to redeploy individuals within the firm whose roles are ‘at risk’.”

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