Menzies merges with TAL-London

TOP 30 FIRM MENZIES has announced an acquisition with TAL-London to better serve local clients.

TAL-London was previously the London operation of Target Consulting. The London office was kept apart from a pre-pack adminnistration that affected other Target offices.

The latest move will double Menzies‘ London presence and give TAL-London clients access to international capabilities.

All of the TAL-London staff will relocate to Menzies’ Tavistock Square offices – there are no planned redundancies following the merger.

Julie Adams (pictured), senior partner at Menzies, said: “We have been looking for a suitable merger partner to deepen our strength in London, so were very interested when one of our former managers, who is now a director of TAL-London, approached us to advise that their management team was considering a merger with another firm.”

The merged firm will drop the TAL-London title and trade as Menzies.

Keith Seeley, managing director at TAL-London, said: “We are very pleased to have found such an excellent merger partner as Menzies, giving us the critical mass to really compete in London.”

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