Portsmouth administrators condemn Football League

PKF ADMINISTRATORS to Portsmouth FC have criticised the Football League over its decision to dock the club ten points.

The club entered administration for the second time in two years on 17 February, with PKF partners Trevor Birch, (pictured) Ian Gould and Bryan Jackson appointed.

The latest point deduction is based on the club’s failed rescue deal from its first administration in 2010. Portsmouth was docked ten points when it entered administration in 2010 and was docked last season for again entering administration. Following the last point deduction, the club was relegated to League One.

In the club’s previous administration it entered into a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA), which agreed it would repay certain creditors over a contracted period of time. However, that CVA collapsed when the club entered administration this year.

“We are extremely disappointed that the Football League has decided to impose yet another penalty on the club,” said Birch.

“I think most people would agree that the 10-point deduction imposed last season was sufficient, particularly as it played a huge part in the club’s relegation to League One.

“The fans, players and staff have suffered enough for something for which they weren’t responsible. We feel it is unjustified for the club to be punished further.”

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