Hudson steps down after 47 years in York treasury role

AFTER 47 YEARS OF SERVICE for the York Society of Chartered Accountants, Robin Hudson has stepped down as treasurer.

Standing down on health grounds, Hudson originally took on the role for what was intended to be an interim period in 1965.

He began his career with the firm that is now JWP Creers, and then worked in a partnserhip with Arthur Kell and Charles Fenton. The practice merged with Lishman Sidwell Campbell & Price in 1988 and he continued as a consultant. In early 1992, the practice was bought out by a partner of LSCP and Hudson continued in his role with the new firm until he retired six years ago.

York Society president Nigel Atkinson said: “Robin’s leaving marks the end of an era and we are very grateful for his extreme professionalism and his dedication over the past almost half a century. Robin was the constant element and those of us new to the role of society office-holders could always turn to him for sound judgement and helpful advice.”

A dinner was held at the Grange Hotel in York to mark the occasion.

“I felt very honoured to have my 47 years of service recognised in this way,” said Hudson.

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