Enova CFO adds CEO role to remit

DEVELOPER Enova Systems has appointed Jonh Micek to serve as president and chief executive officer in addition to his current role of chief financial officer.

Micek succeeds Mike Staran, who resigned as president and chief executive in mid-June at the same time as the company announced it had cut its workforce by more than 80%. The company pointed to falling revenues as a result of delays in industry adoption of certain technologies.

Micek was re-appointed to Enova’s board in 2007, having previously served between April 1999 and July 2005, and was appointed as CFO in January 2011.

From 2000 to 2010, Micek was managing director of family-owned venture fund Silicon Prairie Partners. Since April 2010, Micek has been managing partner of Verdant Ventures, a merchant bank dedicated to sourcing and funding university and corporate lab spin-outs in areas including clean-tech and pharma.

In connection with his appointment, Enova agreed to grant Micek a stock option exercisable for three years from the date of grant to purchase 4,400,000 shares of Enova’s common stock.

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