HMRC extends alternative dispute resolution service

INDIVIDUALS AND SMEs in the UK can now settle disputes using HM Revenue & Customs’ alternative dispute resolution service.

The service is designed to find a swift and fair outcome to disputes in order to mitigate costs and eliminate the need for a tribunal.

It works by using independent HMRC facilitators to resolve disputes between HMRC and customers during a compliance check before a decision or assessment has been made.

The facilitators are HMRC members of staff who have been trained in ADR techniques and have not been involved in the dispute.

The process has been piloted in the northwest, the southwest, Wales and London since January 2012 and will now be rolled out nationwide.

Jim Stevenson, HMRC’s assistant director of local compliance, said: “The pilot has shown that alternative dispute resolution can resolve disputes without having to go to a tribunal, saving both time and money. It allows us to work together with our customers and resolve disputes much earlier than at present.”

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